Global Variables

mapping(address => uint256) balances Map of addresses and how much robinhood coin they contain.

string public name Robinhood Coin

string public symbol Shorthand for Robinhood Coin

uint256 public decimals Number of decimal places for Robinhood Coin

uint256 public totalSupply Total supply of Robinhood Coins available.

uint256 public taxPercent Percent taxed on all transfers. DEFAULT = 1

uint256 public wealthyMin Minimum amount to be considered wealthy

uint256 public eliteMin Minimum amount to be considered elite


address[] public richDudes List of addresses considered wealthy

address[] public elites List of addresses considered Elite

mapping(address => uint) public elitesTime Map of addresses considered Elite with the value being the time they became elite

address public king Address that has more than 50% of totalSupply. Receives taxes. Can change taxPercent

address public government Address that receives taxes when there is no king

Mining variables

uint256 public baseWage Amount received when trying to GetPaid

bytes32 public currentChallenge Challenge for performing TakeFromTheRich or GetPaid

uint public timeOfLastRobbery Time of last successful TakeFromTheRich

uint public timeOfLastPayday Time of last successful GetPaid

uint256 public robberyDifficulty Difficulty used when trying to TakeFromTheRich

uint256 public paydayDifficulty Difficulty used when trying to GetPaid

Public Functions

balanceOf(address _owner) public view returns (uint256 balance)
Takes an address as a parameter and returns the balance associated with that address

GetPaid(uint _nonce) public returns (uint256 reward)
Perform proof of work to get a set amount of tokens from the government address

TakeFromTheRich(uint _nonce) public payable returns (uint256 reward)
Perform proof of work to get a percentage of tokens from a random address from richDudes Putting Ether in can increase the amount stolen

transfer(address _to, uint256 _value) public returns (bool)
Transfer robinhood coin from your address to another

buyRobinhoodCoin() public payable returns (uint256 amount)
Send Ethereum to the contract in order to receive robinhood coin

setTaxPercent(uint _newTaxPercent) public onlyKing
Set the taxPercent used when calculating tax for transfers.

getRichDudesCount() public view returns (uint)
Return richDudes length.

getElitesCount() public view returns (uint)
Return elites length.


Robbery(address indexed _victim, address indexed _thief, uint256 _amountStolen)

Payday(address indexed _government, address indexed _worker, uint256 _amountPaid)

Transfer(address indexed _from, address indexed _to, uint256 _value)

Tax(address indexed _taxPayer, address indexed _taxCollector, uint256 _value)

event Elite(address indexed _winner)